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Brensey Thompson-Hurst

Lead Marketing Strategist

Brensey is the Founder of B.HOPE with experience as a digital activist, writer and creative. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Mass Communications, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. She is the author of Thirty, Single & Still Deserving, an accomplished journalist for her native state's media outlet and has worked with clients all over the world. Brensey loves using her creative gifts and skills to help create beautiful things for others. She has a wealth of knowledge in the digital world and a successful track record helping her clients achieve their business and personal goals.

Joe Carroll Headshot Updated.png

Joe Carroll

Creative Strategist

After making national news for crashing a Marvel red carpet event while impersonating comedian Hannibal Buress, Nashville, Tennessee native Joe Carroll decided it was time to make a name for himself. The award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter went on to co-create the award-winning Amazon series "MS. INCORPORATED," about a trouble-making HR director and her dysfunctional employees. Carroll has since developed for several prominent networks such as CBS, BET, and Amazon. When not writing or filming, Carroll leads weekend screenwriting workshops and serves as a project manager for independent authors while continuing to write and sell copies of his highly-acclaimed novel series SINFUL CONFESSIONS. 

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