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Beauty for Ashes Healing Ministry has been a client of B.HOPE's for five years. BFA's founder now manages its social media account, but B.HOPE still plays an active role in consulting, content development and graphic design for BFA when needed.

B.HOPE helped launch Beauty for Ashes’ (BFA) Business Facebook account in 2016 with 0 followers. With the guidance and support of B.HOPE, BFA now has 5000+ FB followers. B.HOPE has created countless graphic designs for BFA over the years, each effectively communicating exactly what the intended message by its founder. B.HOPE has successfully assisted BFA with the launch of a new book, setup and generated buzz for events and continued to consult BFA’s founder on new ideas for media relations and other personal endeavors.

Services contributed:

  • Social media setup

  • FB ad campaigns

  • Social media monitoring

  • Media relations consulting​

  • Website development

  • Content development

  • Graphic design

  • Copywriting

  • Public relations

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